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30 September 2006

From: [Name Withheld]

Re: Joe Guzzardi’s Column: Lax Immigration Law--- The Real Villain In Nyce Tragedy

I was introduced over the internet and by phone to my now ex-Filipina wife by her aunt with whom I worked.

After nearly a year of communicating with my ex-wife and being brainwashed by her aunts who live in the U.S., I traveled to the Philippines to meet her and the rest of her family.

We married in the Philippines.

After almost a year of immigration processing, she arrived in the U.S. during late February 2005. She abandoned our marriage in early July 2005 after we had gathered all of the necessary documents for her to file for her permanent residency, social security number and job authorization.

I have not heard nor seen her since July 4, 2005.

Her aunts, who had made me to believe that I was a beloved part of their family, say that they have started legal action to prevent me from contacting them.

I realized more and more that I am a victim of a marriage scam. These ladies conned me.

I lost more than $3000 U.S.A. dollars to my ex-wife and her aunts. And I experienced extreme stress and emotional pain because of the suddenness of the overwhelming humiliation that I suffered.

I am healing and trying to move on with my life.

“Name Withheld” is thirty years older than his former wife.